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rooted in the wisdom of Chinese medicine

harmonious health, everyday food

There is an old Zen saying....

"How you do anything is how you do everything. When you rush through meals, you are likely to rush through life"

The idea for Five Flavours Magazine is discussed in the Editor's Space.

Find out what's in store:

Click on the link for the Spring edition 1.

Click on the link for the Summer edition 2.

Click on the link for the Autumn edition 3.

Click on the link for the Winter edition 4.

Click on the link for the Spring edition 5.

Click on the link for the Summer edition 6.

Click on the link for the Autumn edition 7.

Click on the lin for the Winter edition 8.

Would you like to purchase a four season set?

(Please note: the editions are ONLINE ONLY versions, therefore if you would like a set of eight editions, please go to the Five Flavours Online page and order these here).

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What will you find in each seasonal edition?

  • The Basic Principles of Food Energetics unpacked with practical and down to earth advice.

  • Interesting Articles from Daverick Leggett author of 'Recipe's for Self Healing' and other Teachers and Practitioners


  • Seasonal Eating articles by Neil Kingham, Practitioner

  • Seasonal Recipes from Holistic Chef, Jon Guest


  • Case Studies about real people

  • Old Chinese Remedies

  • And lots lots more interesting stuff!

NOTE: IF you've missed a particular seasonal issue you can always purchase an online edition.

See the FREE Introductory magazine



Introductory Issue for FREE

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Please read prior to downloading:

The Introductory Issue showcases the quality and content of the magazine.

Features and Benefits:


Suitable for ALL people interested in food and health.

The magazine will be delivered to your home anywhere in the world, every (UK) season to support and inspire you to eat more healthily. 


Regular features include: 'Spotlight on: a particular food', 'Listen Carefully; Our Body Speaks To Us' which explores a variety of health problems and how food can be used to support the healing process.


If you are an Acupuncture or Shiatsu Practitioner, the magazine adds value to your Practice. How I hear you ask? because awareness will be raised of how imbalances occur and how treatment and dietary advice can help. (If you, as a practitioner, would like the opportunity of selling the magazine subscription via your website for a 20% commission, then please contact me:


If you are a student of Eastern Arts (acupuncture, shiatsu, tai chi, qi gong etc.) you will learn how food can be our most powerful medicine.

A Taste of What's Inside the Introductory Magazine....

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