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Weight Loss:

"Acupuncture has helped me to lose over a stone and a half in weight and I feel much healthier and happier. Firstly, I must just say that you are a very easy person to talk to and I really enjoyed each session. You put people at ease at the very first meeting. I found the sessions very helpful and they have really made me change the way I eat and look after myself. I also found it a very relaxing and comfortable treatment and I hope other people will give it a go, it really is worth trying for all sorts of reasons". 

Sandra, Paignton, Devon

Emotional Support:

"Acupuncture has definitely been a wonderful support system for a busy single mum-business woman that I am. In fact, I have managed to keep my calm, develop personally and professionally and deepen my sensitivity of my family relationships as well as start studying four courses and buying a house (and do it up) all in the same year! Wendy combines the wisdom of woman, the knowledge of Chinese medicine and the life experience of a Buddhist. Her patience, sensitivity, humour and integrity create a healing haven from the start and the depth and solidity of her healing methods are completely dependable" Shoshana, Devo


"Meeting Wendy was easy, she made me feel comfortable and reassured in the full medical history she explored before deciding on a programme of treatment specific to my needs. Interestingly, I had been through some stress in my life over the previous few years and was also suffering several other problems that I had really accepted as normal but these also really required some treatment. Initially, talking to Wendy, made me realise just how deficient my body had become in several ways e.g. I was suffering from lethargy, an upset stomach, increased PMT, was generally more emotional and tired along with many hot flushes that I had associated with possible early menopausal symptoms and increased thirst.

Just after a couple of sessions I felt a complete rejuvenation of my body and well being, increased appetite, alertness and less headaches and no hot flushes and reduced thirst. It was a fantastic relief! After several more sessions, the headaches have more or less completely gone, the additional symptoms too. I hope to maintain monthly treatments with Wendy for a while to ensure the positive affect lasts for a long time. Don't know what to say besides thanks!" Yasmin, Devon

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