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This is a two hour mini course from internationally recognised teacher, Daverick Leggett, author of Recipes for Self Healing. It is ideal for anyone new to the subject of Qi Nutrition and Chinese Dietary Therapy and there is also plenty for seasoned practitioners too! It is an ideal way to absorb information and provides an excellent grounding for anyone wanting to study further.

Qi Nutrition guides you effortlessly through the world of Chinese medicine and nutrition. The two hour dvd takes you from essential principles all the way through to the kitchen. It is an ideal introduction to an extraordinary system, easy to follow and full of useful insights.

Part One explains the core principles and inludes advice on how to protect the digestive system and receive the most nourishment from food.

Part Two guides you through the language of food and how each food's energetic properties interact with our bodies.

Part Three takes you into the kitchen applying the principles of Qi Nutrition to the making of three delicious and unusual healing soups.


QI NUTRITION DVD by Daverick Leggett

Two hour mini course @ £25.50 UK POSTAGE @ $45 OVERSEAS POSTING including part one, part two and part three.

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