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Health Tips & Quotes

  • Our bodies speak to us! You may think I'm a bit crazy saying this, but our bodies really do whisper initially, maybe with digestive problems, mood swings, low energy, poor sleep and if we choose not to listen, by continuing to eat a poor quality diet, leading a stressful lifestyle without sufficient rest, not receiving an energy balancing treatment such as acupuncture, shiatsu etc., the body will speak a bit louder with perhaps IBS, migraine, depression, high blood pressure. If we still don't listen the body will SHOUT! with heart problems, diabetes, stroke etc.

  • Pain is our alarm mechanism, ignore it at your peril!

  • Oxygen, of all nutrients, is THE most essential. It has a more fundamental nutritional role than vitamins, minerals or any other nutrient. The body is 75% water (therefore drinking good quality water brings oxygen into the body, as does conscious deep breathing), and oxygen accounts for 90% of the weight of water, courtesy of 'Healing with Wholefoods' Paul Pitchford, North Atlantic Books.

  • Chlorophyll rich, leafy dark green vegetables (kale, cabbage etc) and good quality protein nourish our Blood, if we nourish our Blood we nourish every cell in our body.

  • By including grains (brown rice, oats, millet), vegetables and protein (chicken, fish, pulses) in tasty stews and soups our body will find its natural weight and also its natural health.

  • Summer time is the time for stir fries and Winter time is the time for soups and stews. During Winter our bones and muscles need food which nourish and warm at a deeper level. Spring and Summer time, lighter food is needed, HOWEVER

  • Every persons body is different. Some people tend towards feeling the cold and others don't, therefore this is why the kind of food we eat and the way we cook it is vital to our health. For example: if we feel the cold (at any time of the year) then food that has been cooked for longer will warm us at a deeper level. Stir fries aren't so good for people who feel the cold.

  • Cravings provide important clues to the imbalances in our body. Salty cravings can often create sweet cravings and vice versa. These flavours are associated with the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas (sweet flavour) and the Kidneys (salty). This is our body informing us that an imbalance exists and which 'flavour' it needs to rebalance it. Therefore - if you crave sweet things, your body needs the sweet flavour of baked root vegetables (you know the sweet taste of oven baked pumpkin, parsnips, carrots or sweet potato in their jackets), or for salty cravings your body is saying it needs foods from the sea such as lightly steamed white fish. However, B-A-L-A-N-C-E, is what we need to focus on. Too much of any flavour can create an imbalance. 


"We can look at oxygen deficiency or oxygen starvation as the single greatest cause of all disease"

Stephen A Levine Ph.D

An old chinese saying:

"The stomach doesn't have teeth"

"Sugar is known as the white poison" in Japan

A good friend of mine said to me once "When in a rush, slow down"

"Eat breakfast as a King, lunch as a Prince and supper as a Pauper"

When asked whether cooking was a branch of medicine,

G. I. Gurdjieff paused then replied that actually

"Medicine is a branch of cooking".

Breakfast snippet: I've recently discovered sprinkling soft aduki beans over my porridge in the morning (made with millet flakes, oats and water) with red grapes, blueberries, a plum or a pear on the top, is really tasty and great way to include protein at breakfast (the beans also are great blood enhancer). If you can let go of the weird idea that they're beans, they taste like nuts!

Note: Cook a batch of beans which can be kept in the fridge for 3 or 4 days. ALWAYS soak the aduki beans well, best overnight, then cook very well until nice and soft. I include a bay leaf, a slice of ginger or even a dried chilli (if you tend towards feeling cold), disguard them after cooking.

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