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Editor's Space

Welcome to the Editor's Space.

This page offers you an insight into why I decided to embark on creating Five Flavours Magazine.

The idea first emerged back in January 2011. It came mainly from my personal experience as a practitioner of working with patients on a daily basis providing dietary advice to support the persons healing process.

I've chosen the words 'healing process' because as you will learn from reading the magazine, our relationship to food is multi-dimensional.

Way back in 2008 through to 2010 a niggling feeling had been in the back of my mind. The feeling was that whilst patients were receiving treatment they were supported (by myself) in looking after their diet. However, when the course of treatment came to an end (or they started on their maintenance programme of treatments) their focus on their healing diet receded. Something extra was needed, but what?

Seasonal Food Magazine


So ....the idea for a seasonal food magazine came about. I believed that it would be just the thing to gently inspire people on a regular basis because as we all know.... everyday food is the foundation of ongoing good health.

Spreading the Word


Spreading the word about this subject has become a real passion of mine. I loved creating the introductory issue and I hope you love reading it and many more issues to come too!

Building a QI NUTRITION Community

As each edition is published, more and more people are becoming interested in the magazine. We have readers from many parts of the world including: Canada, USA, Israel, Poland, Netherlands, Japan and lots of people (patients and practitioners) in the UK.

If you are a practitioner and are interested in joining the Five Flavours Affiliate Programme (please contact me at This offers practitioners the opportunity of selling annual subscriptions for the magazine via their own website (an added value service to their patients) in return for a 20% commission.

Wishing you much qi!


Founder & Editor

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