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As human beings, our life experiences influence the choices that we make. Our life experiences stem from birth, childhood, our teenage years and as adults. The past, as we all know, cannot be changed. However, our relationship toward ourself can.



An old Confucius saying:

"Don't do unto others that you would do unto yourself"


Jeffrey Yuen is an 88th generation Daoist Priest and Classical Chinese Medicine Master.

His teachings encompass, ancient Classical Chinese Medicine and present day teachings which are focussed on the 'life curriculum' of patients which simply put... is their spiritual journey through life.

This dovetails completely seamlessly into my own personal 20 year Zen Buddhist practice.

I visit Ireland twice a year to study with Jeffrey who is of Chinese Hong Kong original and lives in New York. He travels extensively throughout the world teaching and Ireland is his European visit.


On my return from Ireland each May and October, I begin integrating Jeffrey's teachings into my acupuncture treatments. The results so far, have been quite remarkable. 


Our personal histories are of VITAL importance. The way we were nurtured as a baby, toddler, teenager and how we live our lives now as an adult, affect our habitual thought patterns and patterns of behaviour. We've had a lifetime of them. They affect us at the deepest level of our being.


The 8 Extraordinary Vessels (Chong Mai, Ren Mai, Du Mai, Yin Wei Mai, Yang Wei Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai and Dai Mai) offer the opportunity to REconnect with our 'True Self'. By reconnecting with our positive nature we can begin to fully LIVE and any illness or disharmony in the body can begin to truly heal from the inside.

A brief biography of

Jeffrey Yuen

Mr. Yuen apprenticed for more than 20 years in Classical Chinese Medicine and other Daoist Healing Arts with Master Daoist Priest and Physician, Yu Wen, who transmitted his lineage to Mr Yuen before the former's death at age 108. Mr Yuen is recognised internationally to be a Master of Classical Chinese Medicine, Daoism, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tai Ji Chuan, and Qi Gong.

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