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Five Flavours Magazine

Summer edition

The following will provide a taste of what's in store in the Summer edition.

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  • This edition continues the theme of unpacking each of the Basic Principles of Food Energetics. For the summer edition it is the namesake of the magazine, the Five Flavours!

  • Daverick Leggett has contributed an article "What is a Balanced Diet". He compares the western view with the eastern view and is very interesting reading!

  • The Spotlight on section is all about 'The Humble Carrot', I'm sure you'll be interested to hear how it can help with the digestion of food but also the digestion of knowledge!

  • Neil Kingham has contributed an article entitled "The Diet for Summer" and encourages us to eat some of the amazing culinary flowers available during this season.

  • And last but not least Jon Guest, our Holistic Chef tempts us with some colourful, delicious and health promoting recipes including:

Quick Spiced Kidney Beans

Quinoa Salad

Summer Stirfry

Poached Nectarines with

Cashew Cream

and more.....

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