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Autumn edition

The following will give you a 'taste' of what's in the Autumn issue.

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•  The Basic Principles of Food Energetics:

We continue unpacking this rich, diverse and practical approach to food and health. In the Autumn edition we discuss the Route or Affinity Food takes through the body.


•  Article: Our Body Speaks to Us! What Does Coffee Say?

We explore how coffee affects us in beneficial & not so beneficial ways. (Quite a balanced article - if I say so myself - having written it!!). Find out how it affects you by listening to your body after you have drunk a cup or two!


•  Article: Oxygen & Food

Oxygen is more important than vitamins, minerals or any other nutrient. We discuss the causes of oxygen deficiency in the body, what symptoms may be caused by it and in the Five Flavours tried and trusted way we can practically make a difference to our oxygen levels through the food that we eat.


•  Recipes for Autumn
by Jon Guest, Holistic Chef

Puys Lentil & Shiitake Broth Butternut Squash & Chickpea Stew

Roasted Root Vegetables

Brown Rice with Chestnuts

Savoy Cabbe with Double Ginger

Baked Apple with Tahini & Raisins

Apricot & Almond Mousse

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