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Five Flavours Magazine

Autumn edition (issue 7)

The following will provide a taste of what's in store in the Autumn edition 7.

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We have some great recipes for you to try such as:

Beetroot Dip

Pumpkin Soup

Miso Onions

Chunky chicken & Veg Stew

Poached Pear

with Cinnamon and Orange

and last but not least

my Dad's favourite Macaroons!

In the Editor's Quick Tips you'll find out how to include foods into your diet to boost calcium levels - particularly appropriate for women over the age of 50.


The Healing Power of Stocks is Neil Kingham's chosen subject this season. Find out how to prepare them, how herbs can be included to boost their potency and also to practically bring them into your daily diet.

Regular Features are:

Old Chinese Remedies

Autumn Eating Summary

Listen to Your Body:

Nourishing the Vital Substances by Greg Lampert Lic.Ac.


The main articles are:

Nourishing the Organs:

The Liver and Lungs


                We focus on Sugar Cravings and provide practical help.

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